Become an n8n reseller

Grow your business by helping others grow with n8n. Resellers can run n8n instances for their consulting clients, set their prices and keep 100% of this revenue.

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Why become a reseller?

  • Provide your clients with a stable hosting environment for n8n
  • Set your own prices and keep 100% of the revenue you make from hosting your clients.
  • Simple sign up with fast approval - you can usually start Reselling in less than 24 hours from sign up.

How it works



Submit your application via the button below



We will review your application and if needed ask for more information over email.



Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from us and can start hosting your customers.

Why offer n8n to your clients?

Source Available

n8n’s code is available for you to review and tweak to suit your specific use cases.


With over 200 integrations and counting, n8n can do a lot out of the box. Writing your own functions, importing npm packages and customising n8n means you can do even more.

Active Community

With an active community of ~20,000 members and 60+ new versions each year, n8n is moving fast.


  • Are there any additional terms Resellers must comply with?

  • Can Resellers compete with n8n cloud by offering hosting to anyone?

  • Can I be both a Reseller and an Affiliate?

  • Can I be both a Reseller and an Expert Partner?