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Fairer pricing that doesn’t get out of control

Others bill you for every operation within a workflow execution, while we only bill once for the whole workflow execution. This frees you to do whatever you like within your workflow without worry, and helps you predict your usage more accurately.

We’re also cheaper in most situations:
n8n pricing comparison

*Assuming 20 operations per workflow. Pricing as of 19 Aug 2022

Cloud FAQ

  • What is the difference between n8n and n8n cloud?

  • I need more executions or enterprise features, can you help?

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

  • What is an execution?

  • What is the difference between community and priority support?

  • Do I pay for each step?

  • What is a workflow?

  • Do you have a status page?

Next-gen automation


Over 200+ prebuilt integrations

Pull in, transform and load data from your business stack. Work with detailed JSON objects that have all your custom fields in a visual UI.


Don't get stuck

Seamlessly switch from no-code to low-code. Core nodes for HTTP Requests, Webhooks, JavaScript, HTML Extract, and more.


Automate complex processes

Business processes don't always follow "When this, do that". Model custom business logic with conditional nodes, merges, and node-based routing.

Workflow automation is about empowering teams to build sophisticated applications, without needing to write a line of code. In the future I expect tools like n8n to be used within every high-functioning workplace globally.


Kevin Hartz

Co-Founder and Chairman of Eventbrite