It is possible to contribute and help n8n in many different ways.

Here a few different ones sorted from the easiest and fastest to the harder and more time-consuming ones:

  • Give n8n a star on Github and Dockerhub
  • Upvote n8n on AlternativeTo and
  • Add n8n to your stack on Stackshare
  • Tell other people about n8n which you know could have a need n8n could help them solve
  • Participate actively in the forum at
  • Publish workflows on to help other users to get started
  • Improve and add documentation to
  • Write blog posts and publish videos that show how to automate things with n8n
  • Fix reported issues on Github
  • Add additional functionality to an existing third party integration
  • Create an integration for a third party service
  • Improve code in n8n
  • Add a feature to n8n