Workflow automation for technical people

Build complex automations 10x faster, without fighting APIs

Your days spent slogging through a spaghetti of scripts are over.
Use JavaScript when you need flexibility and UI for everything else.

Full source code available
Self host-able
Super responsive community
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Workflows for every team

As software engineers, we always have to find a balance between building a robust system and giving autonomy to business teams. For us, n8n was a perfect fit by allowing us to combine both without compromise.


Aurélien Aubert

Lead Growth Engineer at Spendesk

How it works


Pull in data

Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack

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Set up steps

Use 220+ app nodes to create, read, and update the valuable data across your apps

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Save time - every day

From monthly syncs to millions of executions, sit back as your workflow does the heavy lifting

Build complex workflows, really fast

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Simple debugging

Your data is displayed alongside your settings, making edge cases easy to track down.

Build complex workflows, really fast

Handle branching, merging and iteration easily.
Pause your workflow to wait for external events.

Code when you need it, UI when you don't

Use templates to get started fast

Use 1000+ workflow templates available from our core team and our community.

Reuse your work

Copy and paste, easily import and export workflows.

Fits you and your requirements

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Connect to any system

220+ integrations, plus a general connector for the rest. Write your own integration if you need it.

Host on your own infrastructure

Customize error handling

Horizontal scaling


Audit, tweak and fork our codebase.
Keep sensitive data on-prem.

Embed in your product

Host yourself for free for internal use-cases. Affordable for external use cases. Learn more.

over 220 integrations

Tech savvy folks ❤️ n8n

See what our global community has to say about their favorite workflow automation platform.

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Jodie m

I think @n8n_io Cloud version is great, they are doing amazing stuff and I love that everything is available to look at on Github.

Marketing Tech ⭐ Sarah Tamsin


Implement complex processes faster with n8n

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