Low-code workflow automation for SecOps

The SOAR platform you want. In hours, not weeks.

Mountains of monotonous tasks make building and monitoring your workflows a chore. Not anymore.

Join the security teams across the globe saving hundreds of hours a year with n8n
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Workflows that anyone can work out

Explaining mammoth Python scripts is painful when most of your team can’t code. With n8n, you can bring everyone together to build workflows with a low-code UI. And keep the power of full code with a built-in editor for when nothing else will do.

Connect apps without a line of code

Build workflows without worrying about APIs or authentication using our drag n’ drop visual workflow builder. Even devs get more done with the right kind of UI.


Zero-hassle handovers

The visual representation gives anyone on your team an instant overview of what your workflow does. You can even leave sticky notes for extra clarity when required.


Code when you need it

Write vanilla Javascript or Python with a built-in editor to insert code steps into your workflow. Because you should never feel constrained by an operation that only takes one line of code.


URL and IP lookups through Greynoise and VirusTotal

Nodes used in this workflow

SecOps Features

Massive workflows. Tiny feedback loops.

You write better code faster when you can test and tweak your work in small chunks. N8n’s iterative approach lets you build workflows in the same way.
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Live executions

Watch your workflows execute in real time as you build them.

Test step-by-step

Re-run single steps to test changes in no time. And pin your data to avoid generating trigger events every time you execute.

Painless Debugging

See your execution data right next to your configuration. So you can know exactly where things went wrong — without switching tabs.


Connect to everything in your SecOps stack

Plug in n8n to all your go-to SIPs and TIPs with 350+ native integrations.
  • Hook up to anything with an API

    Connect to any app using the HTTP node. Pate in CURL requests to get data from APIs. It's like having Postman built-in.

  • Triggers without limits

    Trigger workflows with webhooks, polling, queries, and more. You can set multiple triggers for a single flow for maximum flexibility.

Now available

Streamlining SecOps whitepaper

Enhance your security and operations with n8n

Security is top of your mind. Ours too.

Encrypted credentials store

Your sensitive data is kept encrypted at all times on servers based in Frankfurt, Germany. With zero exposure to other users.


Deploy fully on-prem via Docker or K8s (in <10 mins). Or run n8n air-gapped on your VPN.

Auditable source code

n8n is source code available. So you can be 100% confident about how it works by looking inside for yourselves.

German security standards

No country has a reputation for prioritizing user privacy like Germany. Our team is based in Berlin. Not a coincidence.

Stop struggling to sustain your scripts
Start creating workflows 10X faster — with n8n