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Build powerful workflows, really fast

Handle really complex processes

Handle branching, merging and iteration easily.
Pause your workflow to wait for external events.

Simple debugging

Your data is displayed alongside your settings, making edge cases easy to track down

Use templates to get started fast

1000+ workflow templates available from our core team and our community

Code when you need it, UI when you don't

Your data is displayed alongside your settings, making edge cases easy to track down.

Reuse your work

Copy and paste, easy import and export of workflows

Get peace of mind

Connect to any system

220+ integrations, plus a general connector for the rest.
Write your own integration if you need it.

Customize error handling

Horizontal scaling

Host on your own infrastructure


Visual workflow editor
Run JavaScript
npm package import
Workflows can wait
Conditional logic and branching
Webhook triggers
Retry failed executions
Multi-trigger workflows
Source code available
User management
Create custom nodes
Encrypted credential store
Copy + paste workflows
Export workflows to JSON
Custom error workflows


Audit, tweak and fork our codebase

Keep sensitive data on-prem

Helpful global community

99% of questions answered within a day

Host yourself for free

Getting better each week

60+ releases in the last year

Over 220 integrations

Tech savvy folks n8n

See what our global community has to say about their favorite workflow automation platform.

The n8n takes the “background” stress off of me when designing, manufacturing, debugging and improving processes in a product.

Marketing Tech ⭐ Sarah Tamsin


Implement complex processes faster with n8n

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