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n8n lets you connect Airtable with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between Airtable and your stack.

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Popular ways to use Airtable integration

Airtable node
Netlify Trigger node

Add Netlify Form submissions to Airtable

eye 240
by harshil1712
2 years
Airtable node
Trello node
Typeform Trigger node


Get product feedback and create ticket on Trello

eye 416
by harshil1712
3 years
Airtable node
Webhook node


Build a self-hosted URL shortener with a dashboard

eye 2045
by dali
3 years
Airtable node
MailerLite Trigger node

Receive updates when a subscriber is added to a group in MailerLite

eye 109
by harshil1712
3 years
Airtable node
Webhook node
Mindee node

Detect and store the information about a purchase using the image of a receipt

eye 220
by sm-amudhan
3 years
Airtable node
HTTP Request node
Webhook node
Respond to Webhook node


Handle GDPR data deletion requests with Slack

eye 756
by mutedjam
2 years

Supported Actions

Get Many
List all the bases
Get Schema
Get the schema of the tables in a base
Create a new record in a table
Create or Update
Create a new record, or update the current one if it already exists (upsert)
Delete a record from a table
Retrieve a record from a table
Search for specific records or list all
Update a record in a table
Airtable node

About Airtable

Airtable is the best tool to develop your business. It helps you connect, reunite and synchronize your data and team activities, and allows you to interface with new templates and intuitive designs. It is trusted by more than 300,000 companies. With Airtable, manage everything, achieve anything, grow your business & reach the top.

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