Native automation workflows inside your product

Build better software faster with n8n embed. White label the UI and offer your customers access to hundreds of native app integrations.

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How it works


Implement our code

Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack


Style it to match your product's branding

Override our design system styles without forking the codebase


Allow your users to create automated workflows

User management + separate user data

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  • How much does an embed license cost?

  • Do you offer support with your license?

  • What do I get with the embed license?

  • What are the usage restrictions?

  • How do I get started?

Reduce implementation and maintenance effort of integrations

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Code when you need it, UI when you don't

Execute JavaScript anywhere in your flow.
Use custom node.js packages for any heavy-lifting.

Forget about API updates

We handle adapting to 3rd-party API changes for you

Handle really complex processes

Handle branching, merging and iteration easily
Pause your workflow to wait for external events

Stand out from the competition and get stickier customers

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Connect to any system

220+ integrations, plus a general connector for the rest
Write your own integration if you need it

Let your users build themselves

Extensive partner network

With a thriving community and being source-available, we have an extensive network of partners ready to help you automate with n8n.

The n8n takes the “background” stress off of me when designing, manufacturing, debugging and improving processes in a product. I focus on product tasks, and n8n is a reliable friend, colleague, and business partner which is ready to work 24/7.


Mike Voronin

Automating SEO & content marketing