Automate lead management

n8n lets you connect all of your marketing tools to give you a much easier time managing your leads

Most popular use cases

Enrich leads automatically

n8n allows you to connect form builders such as Jotform, Typeform, or Hubspot with contact verification services.

Limitless CRM integration

Thanks to a node-based system, n8n enables you to transfer your leads to whichever tool you need. Pipedrive? We got you covered. Salesforce? Yes. Hubspot? Sure!

Setup automated actions

With n8n, you can now trigger your apps to specific actions whenever something happens (lead changes status, customer purchases your product).

Ready to use templates

How it works?

Save time - every day

From monthly syncs to millions of executions, sit back as your workflow does the heavy lifting

Pull in data

Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack

Set up steps

Use 220+ app integrations to create, read, and update the valuable data across your apps

Why experienced marketers use n8n?

See what marketing professionals have to say about their favorite workflow automation platform.

n8n gives me the power of programmers, without needing a programmer!

Marketing Tech ⭐ Sarah Tamsin


n8n lets you orchestrate all of your marketing tools into one cohesive automation for maximum efficiency

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