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n8n lets you connect Gmail with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between Gmail and your stack.

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Popular ways to use Gmail integration

Gmail node

Clean out unwanted emails from Gmail

Workflow to clean out unwanted email from Gmail. Further information here.
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Zoho CRM node
Harvest node
Shopify Trigger node
Mailchimp node

Process Shopify new orders with Zoho CRM and Harvest

This workflow is triggered when a new order is created in Shopify. Then: the order information is stored in Zoho CRM, an invoice is created in Harvest and stored in Trello, if the order value is above 50, an email with a discount coupon is sent to the customer and they are added to a MailChimp campaign for high-value customers; otherwise, only a "thank you" email is sent to the customer. Note that you need to replace the List ID in the Trello node with your own ID (see instructions in our docs). Same goes for the Account ID in the Harvest node (see instructions here).
Gmail node
Google Drive node

Get an mp4 attachment from Gmail to Google Drive

This simple workflow allows you to get an mp4 attachment from gmail email and then upload it to Google Drive to get attachment webview link.
Wilbert Muza
Gmail node

Set automated labels in Gmail

Gmail node

Send email via Gmail on workflow error

Send an email via Gmail when a workflow error occurs. The email subject line will contain the workflow name; the message body will contain the following information: Workflow name Error message Last node executed Execution URL Stacktrace Error workflows do not need to be activated in order to be used, but they do need to be selected in the Settings menu of whatever workflows you want to use it. To use this workflow, you'll need to: Create and select credentials in the Gmail node Choose the email recipient(s) in the Gmail node Save and select the created workflow as the "Error Workflow" in the Settings menu of whatever workflows you want to email on error
Gmail node
Google Calendar node
Mattermost node
Typeform Trigger node
Merge node

Manage attendee registrations and send emails

n8nConf Companion workflow for blog post

Supported Actions

Add Label
Get Many
Mark as Read
Mark as Unread
Remove Label
Get Many
Get Many
Add Label
Get Many
Remove Label
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About Gmail

Gmail is a free of charge email service offered as part of Google Workspace. It is used by individuals and organizations to send and receive emails and communicate internally and externally. It remains the world’s most widely used email service.

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