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Automatically email great leads when they submit a form and record in HubSpot

Published 3 months ago

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Template description

Use case

This workflow automatically qualifies great leads from a form and sends them an email 😮..
It also adds the user to Hubspot if not already added and records the outreach.

How to setup

  1. Add you MadKudu, Hunter, and Gmail credentials
  2. Setup your HubSpot Oauth2 creds using n8n docs
  3. Set the email content and subject
  4. Click the Test Workflow button, enter your email and check the Slack channel
  5. Activate the workflow and use the form trigger production URL to collect your leads in a smart way

How to adjust this template

You may want to raise or lower the threshold for your leads, as you see fit.
You also need to update the content (the email and the subject), obviously 😅.

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