Supercharge your CRM

Running into limitations with your app's integrations? Use n8n to build custom integrations and automations to get even more out of your CRM.

Most popular use cases

Go beyond standard integrations

Does your CRM's integration feel underwhelming? If you need more flexibility, use n8n to build a custom integration that lets you exchange any data you wish.

More than just moving data

n8n is not your typical integration software - you can add additional calculations, parameters and enrich data when connecting different apps and systems.

Custom notifications

Do you want a personalized notification system that meets the needs of your company? n8n let's you trigger notifications when custom events happen (lead changes status, users enter a different email campaign etc.)

Ready to use templates

How it works?

Pull in data

Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack

Set up steps

Use 220+ app integrations to create, read, and update the valuable data across your apps

Save time - every day

From monthly syncs to millions of executions, sit back as your workflow does the heavy lifting

Why experienced marketers use n8n?

See what marketing & business professionals have to say about their favourite workflow automation platform.

It’s such a Swiss army knife of a tool that I’m always open to new use cases. When I think of different services and integrations, I always have n8n in the back of my mind.

Marketing Tech ⭐ Sarah Tamsin


n8n lets you sync all of your marketing tools automatically for maximum efficiency

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