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Create HubSpot contacts from LinkedIn post interactions

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Created 2 years ago by pauline
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This workflow automatically does the following:

  • Scrapes comments and likes from a LinkedIn post.
  • Adds contact data (nominative and verified email address, gender, standardized first name and last name, all legal company information).
  • Adds these contacts to Airtable.
  • Sends an ultra-personalized cold email sequence.
  • Sends a Linkedin invitation after the cold email sending.
  • Pushes all contacts to HubSpot.


How it works

  • Cron node executes the workflow every hour.
  • Phantombuster node (Launch agent) launches the "LinkedIn Post Likers" phantom and the "LinkedIn Post Commenters" phantom. Note that you have to create these phantoms before setting your workflow automation.
  • Phantombuster node (Get Output agent) gets results from the previous phantoms.
  • Dropcontact node fetches the new contact information and returns the data of the person and the company associated with the email address, job function, and all legal information.
  • Airtable node (List) lists all the records in the Contacts table.
  • IF node routes the workflow based on whether a contact is in Airtable.
  • Set node sets the required data for the following nodes.
  • Airtable node (Update) updates the record's name.
  • Airtable node (Append) creates a record if the account doesn't exist yet.
  • Lemlist node adds a contact to an existing campaign.
  • Phantombuster node (Launch agent) launches the "LinkedIn Network Booster" phantom. Note that you have to create these phantoms before setting your automation.
  • Hubspot node creates or updates the contacts in the HubSpot CRM.

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