Become an n8n expert

Grow your business by helping others grow with n8n. Join an exclusive network of individuals who get client project referrals from n8n, a badge to stand out in our community and behind the scenes previews into new features and product updates.

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Why become an expert?

  1. Work together with n8n to build your reputation as an automation expert.

  2. Expert partners receive qualified leads from clients looking to build with n8n.

  3. Stay in the loop: partners get an inside track on product and company updates

  4. Opportunities to co-market with n8n are available for established partners.

  5. Exclusive access to expert-only community sections and badge.

How to become an n8n expert?



Apply via the button below



We will review your application and if needed, set up a screening call.



Once accepted, we start matching you with relevant client project leads as they come in.

Why choose n8n?

Source Available

n8n’s code is available for you to review and tweak to suit your specific use cases.


With over 200 integrations and counting, n8n can do a lot out of the box. Writing your own functions, importing npm packages and customising n8n means you can do even more.

Active Community

With an active community of ~20,000 members and 60+ new versions each year, n8n is moving fast.

Looking to hire an expert?

Whether you need someone to set up n8n, build a node, design a complex workflow or customise n8n to your needs, our experts have you covered.