n8n Advanced AI

Build custom AI apps in minutes for your business operations

Give your team superpowers with AI tools like chatbots and assistants using any LLM, and create automated workflows across your stack with 400+ integrations

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Manage advanced LLM logic on a low-code platform


Build with an intuitive UI or add code for greater flexibility


Integrate AI & Automation to your business data, APIs, and entire stack


Equip teams and individuals with AI solutions for smarter and efficient work

Create adaptable tools that leverage the power of large language models with your business data. Minimize AI hallucinations and gain complete oversight of the models' operations.
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Advanced Chatbots

Build chatbots that tap into various data sources for enriched interactions. These chatbots go beyond standard queries, offering dynamic and responsive communication tailored to user needs and preferences

Personalized Assistants

Create intelligent assistants that excel in context retention and personalization, integrating seamlessly with specific platforms where your data resides such as Google Drive, AWS, Notion, Airtable and more.

Information Extraction

Implement extraction flows to convert unstructured text into structured data. Using OutputParsers for defining schemas and transform raw-text output into structured formats for easier downstream processing and analysis

Document Summarization

Develop advanced tools for document summarization, capable of distilling extensive text into clear, concise summaries while preserving the essence and comprehensive scope of the original content

Scrape and summarize webpages with AI

Nodes used in this workflow

AI to custom data sources. Automation to thousands of apps

Build smart, context-aware LLM applications and seamlessly integrate them into your workflows.

AI apps integrated with automated workflows

Transform your AI apps from static tools into dynamic workflows. Integrate them with automated scenarios using our library of 400+ pre-built connectors. Trigger apps optimally and utilize outputs for autonomous actions.


Drag & Drop AI components based on LangChain

Leverage n8n's integration with LangChain to craft modular applications using an intuitive UI, offering ease of use for technical and non-technical users alike


Fast prototypes, easy deployment

Quickly embed chat widgets or generate API endpoints for running your applications in production, streamlining the transition from prototype to deployment


Code when you need, no code when you don’t

Use the LangChain code node for advanced customization or rely on our drag-and-drop builder for simpler scenarios. This dual approach ensures flexibility for both technical and non-technical users


Join over 3,000 companies choosing n8n each week

Recognized as a leading low-code platform for Automation and AI development, n8n ensures your team can focus on innovation without concerns about escalating costs, scalability, performance, or security issues.
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Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the deployment that fits your needs: fully on-premise for complete control or our robust cloud solution for convenience and ease.

Full source code available

With over 35,000 GitHub stars and operating under the fair-code license, you can audit, modify, and fork our source-available codebase to meet your specific requirements.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

n8n is ready for enterprise needs, supporting SSO, log streaming, environments, version control and more. Achieve over 200 executions per second per instance and scale further with a multi-instance setup

Security Standards

Our commitment to security matches yours. Hosted data is stored exclusively within the EU on servers in Frankfurt, Germany, ensuring your sensitive information is always encrypted and isolated from other users.

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