Save resources

Reduce time spent on customer integrations, engineer faster POCs, keep your customer-specific functionality separate from product all without having to code.

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Why choose n8n?

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Accelerate POCs & customer integrations

Equip solution engineers with the tools they need to build POCs and custom integrations for more prospective clients.

Extend your SaaS application without having to code

Build solutions for specific customers that aren't applicable across a wider customer base with n8n.

Enable support to help customers with ad-hoc requests

Fulfill off-the-roadmap requests with the combination of 220+ ready to use nodes combined with the ability to extend with JavaScript when needed.

Choose the plan you need

annual (20% saving)


Perfect for getting started and seeing the power of n8n


Hosted by n8n

1 shared project

Unlimited users

Forum support

annual (20% saving)


Ideal for businesses with strict security and performance requirements

Self-hosted (or hosted by n8n)
Everything in Pro plan, plus:

Unlimited shared projects


Different environments

External secret store integration

Log streaming

Version control using Git

Scaling options

Extended data retention

Dedicated support with SLA

Invoice billing

A basic version of n8n is available on GitHub
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Prices shown are exclusive of any applicable sales taxes such as VAT

Workflow templates

How it works

Connect. Customize. Conquer.

You can choose how to use n8n. Either sign up for the hosted n8n Cloud or self-host with a one-line npm command or Docker installation.

Pull in data

Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack

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Set up steps

Use 220+ app nodes to create, read, and update the valuable data across your apps

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Save time - every day

From monthly syncs to millions of executions, sit back as your workflow does the heavy lifting

n8n for enterprise

Scale your company's operations with our advanced on-prem or cloud automation