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List social media activity of a company before a call

Published 3 months ago



Template description

How it works

It’s very important to come prepared to Sales calls. This often means a lot of manual research about the person you’re calling with. This workflow delivers the latest social media activity (LinkedIn + X) for businesses you are about to interact with each day.

  • Scans Your Calendar: Each morning, it reviews your Google Calendar for any scheduled meetings or calls with companies based on each attendee email address.
  • Fetches Latest Posts: For each identified company, it fetches recent LinkedIn and X posts
  • Delivers Insights: You receive personalized emails via Gmail, each dedicated to a company you’re meeting with that day, containing a reminder of the meeting, list of posts categorized by the social media platform, and direct links to posts.

Setup steps

The workflow requires you to have the following accounts set up in their respective nodes:

  • Google Calendar
  • GMail
  • Clearbit

Besides those, you will need an account on the RapidAPI platform and subscribe to the following APIs:

Template Setup

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Email example

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