42,542 Github users ❤️ n8n – here’s why

Anything is possible with n8n

I think @n8n_io Cloud version is great, they are doing amazing stuff and I love that everything is available to look at on Github.

Build complex workflows that other tools can’t do

I was a regular integromat user. I got to know the N8N and I say it properly: how it is better to do everything on the N8N! Congratulations on your work, you are a star!

I’ve said it many times. But I’ll say it again. n8n is the GOAT.

Anything is possible with n8n.
You just need some technical knowledge + imagination.
I’m actually looking to start a side project.
Just to have an excuse to use n8n more 😅

Thank you to the n8n community

I did the beginners course and promptly took an automation WAY beyond my skill level.

Stop struggling with your scripts
Start creating workflows 10X faster — with n8n