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Building a software product? Embed n8n within it to accelerate product development and reduce maintenance effort.

Offer native integrations, direct to your users, from within your own app

Native integrations make your product stickier and easier to discover. n8n gives you immediate access to a growing library of 200+ API connectors, dramatically reducing your development and maintenance efforts.

Out-of-the-box backend logic for your product

n8n enables you to rapidly create product automations - emails, alerts, reading and writing data - leaving you free to focus on core logic and UI, and reducing the amount of code you need to maintain.

The engine for your automation product

Got an idea for an automation product for a specific group of users or use case? Use n8n as your automation engine to accelerate your time to market and allow you to focus on creating the dashboards, tools and features that solve your specific users' problems.

Accelerate product development and reduce maintenance effort
Host everything on your own architecture, providing peace of mind for you and your users
Easy to extend, customize and white-label: add, remove or change functionality, including your own branding

How it works

While n8n's source code is publicly available, our license restricts our code from being embedded in commercial software products without a separate license agreement.

Our pricing model aims to help builders and young companies get started with minimal risk.

Read more about our license here, or contact us to learn more about a license agreement and pricing.


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