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2020-06-02 [de]
2020-03-13 [en]
2019-10-09 [de]

About n8n

n8n is a free and open node-based Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted,
easily extended, and used with third party web applications or custom in-house tools
to automate repetitive tasks. With n8n, for the first time, people can move beyond
simple integrations to build multi-step workflows that combine both 3rd party APIs and
your own internal tools to create easy to use automations that snap together all the
pieces of what would otherwise be very complex, disconnected systems. n8n is headquartered
in Berlin and was founded by Jan Oberhauser in 2019.


Jan Oberhauser
Before Jan created n8n, he worked for many years in multiple roles for different VFX companies worldwide creating effects for commercials, series, and feature films like Maleficent and Happy Feet Two. Part of his role was to improve and simplify the work of the artists by automation and that is where his passion for this field started.


Our name

It is "n8n" with all lower case letters. It can either be pronounced "n eight n" or "nodemation".
How we ended up with this name can be found here.

Our color


Our logo

As we currently do not have a version that works well on a dark background
please make sure that the logo is on white and has enough padding.


Some assets like logos in different formats, headshots of the founder
and product screenshots can be downloaded here.