Standup bot (1/4): Initialize

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Template description

This is the first of 4 workflows for a Mattermost Standup Bot. This workflow will create a default configuration file.

You can set the default configuration in the Set node (Use Default Config) the values are:

config.slashCmdToken - The token Mattermost provides when you make a new Slash Command
config.mattermostBaseUrl - The base URL for your Mattermost instance
config.botUserToken - The User token for your Mattermost bot
config.n8nWebhookUrl - The URL for your "Action from MM" webhook in the "Standup Bot - Worker" workflow
config.botUserId - The UserID for your Mattermost Bot user

The config file is saved under /home/node/.n8n/standup-bot-config.json

This workflow only needs to be run once manually as part of the setup .

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