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Send a Whatsapp message via Twilio when a certain Onfleet event happens

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Created 1 year ago by ilsemaj
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Onfleet is a last-mile delivery software that provides end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication, and analytics to handle the heavy lifting while you can focus on your customers.

This workflow template listens to an Onfleet event and communicates via a Whatsapp message. You can easily streamline this with the recipient of the delivery or your customer support numbers.


  • Update the Onfleet trigger node with your own Onfleet credentials, to register for an Onfleet API key, please visit to get started
  • You can easily change which Onfleet event to listen to. Learn more about Onfleet webhooks with Onfleet Support
  • Update the Twilio node with your own Twilio credentials, add your own expressions to the to number or simply source the recipient's phone number from the Onfleet event
  • Toggle To Whatsapp to OFF if you want to simply use Twilio's SMS API

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