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Create Onfleet tasks from local Spreadsheets

Published 2 years ago

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James Li


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Onfleet is a last-mile delivery software that provides end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication, and analytics to handle the heavy lifting while you can focus on your customers.

This workflow template loads in a spreadsheet from your local storage and automatically creates Onfleet tasks on a one-time basis upon workflow trigger. You can use this workflow as a task importer.


  • Update the Read Binary File node with the absolute file path to the local spreadsheet of interest
  • Update the Onfleet node with your own Onfleet credentials, to register for an Onfleet API key, please visit https://onfleet.com/signup to get started
  • You can easily change how the Onfleet task is created by mapping to additional data in the spreadsheet
  • For import templates, visit Onfleet Support to learn more 👍

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