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Convert PostgreSQL table to CSV

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Created 11 months ago by alexe
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Convert PostgreSQL table to CSV

CSV is a super useful and universal way to transfer data between different tools. This workflow gives an example of how to take data from PostgreSQL and convert it easily into a CSV.

What you need

Before running the workflow, please make sure you have access to a remote PostgreSQL server and have table data:

Demons,Fyodor Dostoyevsky,2022-09-08
Ulysses,James Joyce,2022-05-06
Catch-22,Joseph Heller,2023-01-04
The Bell Jar,Sylvia Plath,2023-01-21
Frankenstein,Mary Shelley,2023-02-14

How it works

  1. Trigger the workflow on click
  2. Declare the name of the Excel file and sheet names
  3. Remotely connect to the PostgreSQL database and specify query execution
  4. Write the query data to CSV

The detailed process is explained further in the tutorial:

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