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Monitor a file for changes and send an alert

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Created 2 years ago by rons4
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This flow monitors a file for changes of its content. If changed, an alert is sent out and you receive it as push, SMS or voice call on SIGNL4.

User cases:

  • Log-file monitoring
  • Monitoring of production data
  • Integration with third-party systems via file interface
  • Etc.

Sample file "alert-data.json":

    "Body": "Alert in building A2.",
    "Done": false,
    "eventId": "2518088743722201372_4ee5617b-2731-4d38-8e16-e4148b8fb8a0"

Body: The alert text to be sent.
Done: If false this is a new alert. If true this indicated the alert has been closed.
eventId: Last SIGNL4 event ID written by SIGNL4.

This flow can be easily adapted for database monitoring as well.

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