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This workflow demonstrates how to use noItemsLeft to check if there are items left to be processed by the SplitInBatches node.

Function node: This node generates mock data for the workflow. Replace it with the node whose data you want to split into batches.

SplitInBatches node: This node splits the data with the batch size equal to 1. Based on your use-case, set the value of the Batch Size.

IF node: This node check if all the data by the SplitInBatches are not processed or not. It uses the expression {{$node["SplitInBatches"].context["noItemsLeft"]}} which returns a boolean value.
If there is data yet to be processed, the expression will return false, otherwise true.

Set node: This node prints a message No Items Left. Based on your use-case, connect the false output of the IF node to the input of the node you want to execute, after the data is processed by the SplitInBatches node.

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