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n8n lets you connect Chargebee Trigger with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between Chargebee Trigger and your stack.

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Popular ways to use Chargebee Trigger integration

Supported events

Any time any event is triggered (Wildcard Event)
Card Added
Triggered when a card is added for a customer
Card Deleted
Triggered when a card is deleted for a customer
Card Expired
Triggered when the card for a customer has expired
Card Expiring
Triggered when the customer's credit card is expiring soon.Triggered 30 days before the expiry date
Card Updated
Triggered when the card is updated for a customer
Customer Changed
Triggered when a customer is changed
Customer Created
Triggered when a customer is created
Customer Deleted
Triggered when a customer is deleted
Invoice Created
Event triggered (in the case of metered billing) when a 'Pending' invoice is created that has usage related charges or line items to be added, before being closed. This is triggered only when the “Notify for Pending Invoices” option is enabled.
Invoice Deleted
Event triggered when an invoice is deleted
Invoice Generated
Event triggered when a new invoice is generated. In case of metered billing, this event is triggered when a 'Pending' invoice is closed.
Invoice Updated
Triggered when the invoice’s shipping/billing address is updated, if the invoice is voided, or when the amount due is modified due to payments applied/removed
Payment Failed
Triggered when attempt to charge customer's credit card fails
Payment Initiated
Triggered when a payment is initiated via direct debit
Payment Refunded
Triggered when a payment refund is made
Payment Succeeded
Triggered when the payment is successfully collected
Refund Initiated
Triggered when a refund is initiated via direct debit
Subscription Activated
Triggered after the subscription has been moved from 'Trial' to 'Active' state
Subscription Cancellation Scheduled
Triggered when subscription is scheduled to cancel at end of current term
Subscription Cancelled
Triggered when the subscription is cancelled. If it is cancelled due to non payment or because the card details are not present, the subscription will have the possible reason as 'cancel_reason'.
Subscription Cancelling
Triggered 6 days prior to the scheduled cancellation date
Subscription Changed
Triggered when the subscription's recurring items are changed
Subscription Created
Triggered when a new subscription is created
Subscription Deleted
Triggered when a subscription is deleted
Subscription Reactivated
Triggered when the subscription is moved from cancelled state to 'Active' or 'Trial' state
Subscription Renewal Reminder
Triggered 3 days before each subscription's renewal
Subscription Renewed
Triggered when the subscription is renewed from the current term
Subscription Scheduled Cancellation Removed
Triggered when scheduled cancellation is removed for the subscription
Subscription Shipping Address Updated
Triggered when shipping address is added or updated for a subscription
Subscription Started
Triggered when a 'future' subscription gets started
Subscription Trial Ending
Triggered 6 days prior to the trial period's end date
Transaction Created
Triggered when a transaction is recorded
Transaction Deleted
Triggered when a transaction is deleted
Transaction Updated
Triggered when a transaction is updated. E.g. (1) When a transaction is removed, (2) or when an excess payment is applied on an invoice, (3) or when amount_capturable gets updated.

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