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Webhook and Clearbit integration

n8n lets you integrate Webhook with Clearbit to build powerful workflows. Design automation that extracts, transforms and loads data between your apps and services. You can choose from thousands of ready-made apps or use our universal HTTP connector to sync apps not yet in our library.

Build your own Webhook and Clearbit integration

Create custom Webhook and Clearbit workflows by choosing triggers and actions. Nodes come with global operations and settings, as well as app-specific parameters that can be configured. You can also use the HTTP Request node to query data from any app or service with a REST API.

How to connect Webhook and Clearbit

  • Step 1: Add the first step

  • Step 2: Add Webhook and Clearbit nodes

  • Step 3: Connect Webhook and Clearbit

  • Step 4: Run workflow

Enrich new Discourse members with Clearbit then notify in Slack

Who is this template for?

This workflow template is designed for Sales and Customer Success professionals seeking alerts when potential high-value users, prospects, or existing customers register for a Discourse community. Leveraging Clearbit, it retrieves enriched data for the new member to assess their value.

Example result in Slack

Screenshot 20240221 at 13.51.29.png

How it works

  • Each time a new member is created in Discourse, the workflow runs (powered by Discourse's native Webhooks feature).
  • After filtering out popular private email accounts, we run the member's email through Clearbit to fetch available information on the member as well as their organization.
  • If the enriched data meets certain criteria, we send a Slack message to a channel. This message has a few quick actions: Open LinkedIn profile and Email member

Set up instructions

Overview is below. Watch this 🎥 quick set up video for detailed instructions on how to get the template running, as well as how to customize it.

  1. Complete the Set up credentials step when you first open the workflow. You'll need a Discourse (admin user), Clearbit, and Slack account.
  2. Set up the Webhook in Discourse, linking the On new Discourse user Trigger with your Discourse community.
  3. Set the correct channel to send to in the Post message in channel step
  4. After testing your workflow, swap the Test URL to Production URL in Discourse and activate your workflow

Template was created in n8n v1.29.1

Nodes used in this workflow

Clearbit supported actions

Auto-complete company names and retrieve logo and domain
Look up person and company data based on an email or domain
Look up a person and company data based on an email or domain

Webhook and Clearbit integration details

integrationWebhook node

Webhooks are automatic notifications that apps send when something occurs. They are sent to a certain URL, which is effectively the app's phone number or address, and contain a message or payload. Polling is nearly never quicker than webhooks, and it takes less effort from you.

Use case

Save engineering resources

Reduce time spent on customer integrations, engineer faster POCs, keep your customer-specific functionality separate from product all without having to code.

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Use case

Supercharge your CRM

Need a more powerful integration with your CRM? n8n lets you go beyond standard integrations offered by popular CRMs!

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Looking to integrate Webhook and Clearbit in your company?

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Why use n8n to integrate Webhook with Clearbit

Build complex workflows, really fast

Build complex workflows, really fast

Handle branching, merging and iteration easily.
Pause your workflow to wait for external events.

Code when you need it, UI when you don't

Simple debugging

Your data is displayed alongside your settings, making edge cases easy to track down.

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