n8n LangChain Integration

Your next LLM app in minutes with LangChain on n8n’s low-code platform

Integrate tailored AI functionality to custom datasets with LangChain and combine them with 398 pre-built connectors for automated workflows

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A UI on top of LangChain to easily handle advanced LLM logic


Simple debugging, deploying and monitoring for your AI prototypes


AI & Automation applied to your datasets, external apps, APIs and more


AI solutions for technical individuals where coding knowledge is a plus, not a must

With n8n’s intuitive interface, building LLM apps and workflows is straightforward for those without development experience, offering the option to integrate code when necessary.
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Advanced Chatbots

Build chatbots utilizing LangChain’s Memory module for maintaining interaction history and data connection capabilities for accessing various data sources, enabling more informed, engaging, and dynamic user interactions.

Personalized Assistants

Develop intelligent assistants capable of maintaining contextual memory and exhibiting unique character traits, utilizing LangChain’s Memory and Agents modules for personalized user interactions and task executions, such as setting reminders or providing tailored recommendations.

Information Extraction

Implement advanced extraction features to transform unstructured text into structured information, utilizing LangChain’s OutputParsers for defining schemas and parsing raw-text output into structured formats, facilitating downstream processing and analysis.

Document Summarization

Create sophisticated summarization tools capable of condensing extensive documents into coherent, concise summaries, employing recursive summarization techniques to overcome context window limitations and ensure comprehensive representation of the original document’s content.

AI to custom data sources. Automation to thousands of apps

Build smart, context-aware LLM apps and integrate them with workflows. Trigger your apps with precise, refined data and utilize the outputs for enhanced automated actions

Drag & Drop LangChain modules

Get the flexibility and customization of LangChain on n8n’s low-code platform. Create modular applications tailored to your unique needs and specifications, all with minimal hassle.


Intelligent Interaction between your data and language models

Optimize LLM model interactions and enhance execution that improves performance and responsiveness in LLM apps


Embed chat widgets in your apps

Embed chat widgets, or generate an API endpoint to run your apps in production


[AI/LangChain] Scrape and summarize webpages with AI (Paul Graham essays)

Nodes used in this workflow

Start building LLM apps with LangChain and n8n

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