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Detect toxic language in Telegram messages

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Telegram Trigger
Google Perspective



Created 2 years ago by lorenanda
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This workflow detects toxic language (such as profanity, insults, threats) in messages sent via Telegram. This blog tutorial explains how to configure the workflow nodes step-by-step.

Telegram Trigger: triggers the workflow when a new message is sent in a Telegram chat.

Google Perspective: analyzes the text of the message and returns a probability value between 0 and 1 of how likely it is that the content is toxic.

IF: filters messages with a toxic probability value above 0.7.

Telegram: sends a message in the chat with the text "I don't tolerate toxic language" if the probability value is above 0.7.

NoOp: takes no action if the probability value is below 0.7.

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