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Simple file based key value store (WriteKey)

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Created 2 years ago by rottmann
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Store a key with a value in a local json file. Multiple keys could be saved in a single file.

Related workflow: GetKey

Create a subfolder in your n8n homedir: /home/node/.n8n/local-files. In docker look at the data path and create a subfolder local-files.
Set the correct access rights chmod 1000.1000 local-files.

Put the workflow code in a new workflow named WriteKey.

Create another workflow with a function item:

return  {
  file: '/4711.json', // 4711 should be your workflow id
  key: 'MyKey',
  value: 'MyValue'

Pipe the function item to an Execution Workflow that calls the WriteKey workflow.

It would be nice if we could get someday a shiny built-in n8n node that does the job. :)

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