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Published 1 year ago

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n8n Team


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Template description

This workflow digests mentions of n8n on Reddit that can be sent as an single email or Slack summary each week. We use OpenAI to classify if a specific Reddit post is really about n8n or not, and then the summarise it into a bullet point sentence.

How it works

  1. Get posts from Reddit that might be about n8n;
  2. Filter for the most relevant posts (posted in last 7 days and more than 5 upvotes and is original content);
  3. Check if the post is actually about n8n;
  4. If it is, categorise with OpenAI.

Bear in mind: Workflow only considers first 500 characters of each reddit post. So if n8n is mentioned after this amount, it won't register as being a post about

Next steps

  • Improve OpenAI Summary node prompt to return cleaner summaries;
  • Extend to more platforms/sources - e.g. it would be really cool to monitor larger Slack communities in this way;
  • Do some classification on type of user to highlight users likely to be in our ICP;
  • Separate a list of data sources (reddit, twitter, slack, discord etc.), extract messages from there and have them go to a sub workflow for classification and summarisation.

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