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Send n8n automation errors to a board

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Created 29 days ago by jdana
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This template is an error handler that will log n8n workflow errors to a board for troubleshooting and tracking.


  • Monday account and Monday credential
  • Create a board on Monday for error logging, with the following columns and types:
    • Timestamp (text)
    • Error Message (text)
    • Stack Trace (long text)
  • Determine the column IDs using Monday's instructions


  • Edit the Monday nodes to use your credential
  • Edit the node labeled CREATE ERROR ITEM to point to your error log board and group name
  • Edit the column IDs in the "Column Values" field of the UPDATE node to match the IDs of the fields on your error log board
  • To trigger error logging, select this automation as the error workflow on any automation
    • For more detailed logging, add Stop and Error nodes in your workflow to send specific error messages to your board.

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