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Nightly n8n backup to Dropbox

Published 2 months ago

Created by

Joey D’Anna


IT Ops

Template description

This template will create a nightly backup of all your n8n workflows to a Dropbox folder. Each night, the previous night's backups are moved into an "old" folder, and renamed with the date they were taken.

Backups over a specified age are deleted. (this is disabled by default for safety until you manually enable and verify it with your own setup)


  • Dropbox account and credentials
  • A destination folder for backups


  • Update all dropbox nodes with your credential
  • Edit the Schedule Trigger node with the desired time to run the backup
  • Edit the DESTINATION FOLDER node to specify the path in dropbox to upload to. This should be a folder and include the trailing /
  • If you want to automatically purge old backups
    • Edit the PURGE DAYS node to specify the age to purge
    • Enable the PURGE DAYS node, and the 3 subsequent nodes
  • Enable the workflow to run on the specified schedule

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