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Retrieve a row and all data in a single node

Published 2 months ago

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Joey D’Anna


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This workflow is a building block designed to be called from other workflows via an Execute workflow node. When called from another workflow, and given the JSON input of a "pulse" field with the ID to pull from monday, this workflow will return:

  • The items name and ID
  • All column data, indexable by the column name
  • All column data, indexable by the column's ID string
  • All board relation columns, with their data and column values
  • All subitems, with their data and column values

For example:


  • A account and credential
  • A workflow that needs to get detailed data from a row
  • The pulse id of the row to retreive data from.


  • Import the workflow
  • Configure all monday nodes with your credentials and save the workflow
  • Copy the workflow ID from it's URL
  • In a different workflow, add an Edit Fields node, to output the field "pulse", with the monday item you want to retrieve.
  • Feed the Edit Fields node with your pulse into an Execute workflow node, and paste the workflow ID from above into it
    • This "pulse" field will tell the workflow what pulse to retreive. This can be populated by an expression in your workflow
    • There is an example of the Edit Fields and Execute Workflow nodes in the template

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