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Manage custom incident response in PagerDuty and Jira

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Created 3 years ago by tanay1337
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This workflow automatically follows the steps in a custom incident response playbook and manages incidents in PagerDuty, Jira tickets, and notifies the on-call team in Mattermost.

This workflow consists of three sub-workflows, each automating specific steps in the playbook. Read more about this use case and learn how to set up the workflows step-by-step in the blog tutorial How to automate every step of an incident response workflow.



  • Webhook nodes trigger the workflows when an incident is created in PagerDuty, and when the incidedent is acknowledged and resolved.
  • Mattermost nodes create an auxiliary channel for the on-call team to discuss the incident with buttons to acknowledge the incident and mark it as resolved.
  • PagerDuty nodes update the status of the incident.
  • Jira nodes create an issue about the incident and update its status when it's resolved.

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