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n8n lets you connect Mattermost with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between Mattermost and your stack.

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Popular ways to use Mattermost integration

Typeform Trigger node
Mattermost node
AWS Comprehend node

Analyze feedback using AWS Comprehend and send it to a Mattermost channel

eye 61
by harshil1712
3 years
Mattermost node
WooCommerce Trigger node

Send a message on Mattermost when an order is created in WooCommerce

eye 288
by harshil1712
3 years
Webhook node
Mattermost node
Jira Software node
PagerDuty node

Incident Response Workflow - Part 3

eye 272
by tanay1337
4 years
Mattermost node

Create a channel, add a member, and post a message to the channel on Mattermost

eye 86
by harshil1712
3 years
Webhook node
Mattermost node
PagerDuty node

Incident Response Workflow - Part 2

eye 149
by tanay1337
4 years
Mattermost node
n8n Trigger node

Send message on Mattermost when your n8n instance starts

eye 314
by harshil1712
3 years

Supported Actions

Add User
Add a user to a channel
Create a new channel
Soft delete a channel
Get a page of members for a channel
Restores a soft deleted channel
Search for a channel
Get statistics for a channel
Soft delete a post, by marking the post as deleted in the database
Post a message into a channel
Post Ephemeral
Post an ephemeral message into a channel
Add a reaction to a post
Remove a reaction from a post
Get Many
Get many reactions to one or more posts
Create a new user
Deactivates the user and revokes all its sessions by archiving its user object
Get By Email
Get a user by email
Get By ID
Get a user by ID
Get Many
Retrieve many users
Invite user to team
Mattermost node

About Mattermost

Mattermost is made for development teams collaboration. It is a self-hosted, open-source online chat program featuring file sharing, search, and integrations. It is intended to be used by businesses and organizations as an internal conversation.

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