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Receive a Mattermost message when new record gets added to Notion

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Template description

This workflow allows you to receive a Mattermost message when meeting notes get added to the Notion.


  1. Create a table in Notion similar to this: Meeting Notes
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in the documentation, to create credentials for the Notion Trigger node.
  3. Create create credentials for Mattermost.

Notion Trigger: The Notion Trigger node will trigger the workflow when new data gets added to Notion.

IF node: This node will check if the notes belong to the team Marketing. If the team is Marketing the node will true, otherwise false.

Mattermost node: This node will send a message about the new data in the channel 'Marketing' in Mattermost. If you have a different channel, use that instead. You can even replace the Mattermost node with nodes of other messaging platforms, like Slack, Telegram, Discord, etc.

NoOp node: Adding this node here is optional, as the absence of this node won't make a difference to the functioning of the workflow.

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