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Sync Shopify orders with your Zendesk contacts

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Created 11 months ago by n8n-team
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This workflow automatically syncs Shopify orders with your Zendesk contacts. Using this workflow, the Shopify email ID, phone number ID and order information will be added or updated to Zendesk contacts.


How it works

  1. Shopify Trigger starts the workflow whenever a customer`s data is updated.
  2. Zendesk Node then searches the contact by email address.
  3. Set node keeps only the UserId and email of the contact.
  4. Merge by Key node combines the Shopify and Zendesk data.
  5. If node splits the workflow conditionally, check if the contact already exists or not.
  6. If the user exists, Zendesk node updates its contact data.
  7. If the user does not exist, Zendesk node creates a new contact.

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