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Read XML file and store content in Google Sheets

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Template description

This workflow shows a low code approach to parsing an XML file and storing its contents in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


To run the workflow:

  • Make sure you are running n8n 0.197 or newer
  • Have n8n authenticated with Google Sheets

How it's done:

  1. This workflow first downloads an example file using the HTTP Request node and reads this file using the XML node.
  2. It then runs the Item Lists node to split out the individual food items from the example file.
  3. It then splits up the workflow into a separate branch creating a new spreadsheet file using the Google Sheets node. To read the column names we're using the Object.keys() method inside a Set node.
  4. Once the spreadsheet is created (the workflow waits for this using the Merge node), the data is appended to the newly created sheet (again using the Google Sheets node).

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