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Advanced Telegram Bot, Ticketing System, LiveChat, User Management, Broadcasting

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A robust n8n workflow designed to enhance Telegram bot functionality for user management and broadcasting. It facilitates automatic support ticket creation, efficient user data storage in Redis, and a sophisticated system for message forwarding and broadcasting.


How It Works

  1. Telegram Bot Setup: Initiate the workflow with a Telegram bot configured for handling different chat types (private, supergroup, channel).
  2. User Data Management: Formats and updates user data, storing it in a Redis database for efficient retrieval and management.
  3. Support Ticket Creation: Automatically generates chat tickets for user messages and saves the corresponding topic IDs in Redis.
  4. Message Forwarding: Forwards new messages to the appropriate chat thread, or creates a new thread if none exists.
  5. Support Forum Management: Handles messages within a support forum, differentiating between various chat types and user statuses.
  6. Broadcasting System: Implements a broadcasting mechanism that sends channel posts to all previous bot users, with a system to filter out blocked users.
  7. Blocked User Management: Identifies and manages blocked users, preventing them from receiving broadcasted messages.
  8. Versatile Channel Handling: Ensures that messages from verified channels are properly managed and broadcasted to relevant users.

Set Up Steps

  • Estimated Time: Around 30 minutes.
  • Requirements: A Telegram bot, a Redis database, and Telegram group/channel IDs are necessary.
  • Configuration: Input the Telegram bot token and relevant group/channel IDs. Configure message handling and user data processing according to your needs.
  • Detailed Instructions: Sticky notes within the workflow provide extensive setup information and guidance.


Live Demo Workflow

Bot: Telegram Bot Link (Click here)
Support Group: Telegram Group Link (Click here)
Broadcasting Channel: Telegram Channel Link (Click here)

Keywords: n8n workflow, Telegram bot, chat ticket system, Redis database, message broadcasting, user data management, support forum automation

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