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Create, add an attachment, and send a draft using Microsoft Outlook

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This workflow allows you to create, add an attachment, and send a draft using the Microsoft Outlook node.

Microsoft Outlook node: This node creates a draft message with HTML content. You can either set the content as Text or HTML. You can also add the recipients to the draft in this node.

HTTP Request node: This node fetches the logo of n8n from a URL and returns the binary data. You might want to fetch files from your machine or another email or a database. You can replace this node with the relevant node.

Microsoft Outlook1 node: This node adds the attachment that we receive from the previous node to the draft message that we created.

Microsoft Outlook2 node: This node sends the draft message to a recipient. Since we didn't mention the recipient in the Microsoft Outlook node, we add the recipient in this node. You can also enter multiple recipients.

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