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Integrate Metabase with 250+ apps and services

n8n lets you connect Metabase with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between Metabase and your stack.

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Supported Actions

Get specific alert
Get Many
Get many alerts
Add a new datasource to the metabase instance
Get Many
Get many databases
Get Fields
Get fields from database
Get a specific metric
Get Many
Get many metrics
Get a specific question
Get Many
Get many questions
Result Data
Return the result of the question to a specific file format

Connect Metabase with your company’s tech stack and create automation workflows

We're using the @n8n_io cloud for our internal automation tasks since the beta started. It's awesome! Also, support is super fast and always helpful. 🤗

in other news I installed @n8n_io tonight and holy moly it’s good

it’s compatible with EVERYTHING

Last week I automated much of the back office work for a small design studio in less than 8hrs and I am still mind-blown about it.

n8n is a game-changer and should be known by all SMBs and even enterprise companies.

Implement complex processes faster with n8n

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