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n8n lets you connect OpenAI with hundreds of other apps. Create sophisticated automations between OpenAI and your stack.

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Popular ways to use OpenAI integration

Airtable node
HTTP Request node
Webhook node
Code node
OpenAI node


Assistant for Hubspot Chat using OpenAi and Airtable

eye 258
by tbiyss
2 months
HTTP Request node
Merge node
OpenAI node


Automate Screenshots with URLbox & Analyze them with AI

eye 1080
by bwiertz
2 months
Telegram node
Telegram Trigger node
Anthropic Chat Model node
OpenAI Chat Model node
OpenAI node


Traveler Co-Pilot: AI-Powered Telegram for Easy Language and Image Translation

eye 1151
by derekcheungsa
2 months
Telegram node
Telegram Trigger node
OpenAI Chat Model node
OpenAI node


Translate Telegram audio messages with AI (55 supported languages)

eye 1275
by derekcheungsa
2 months
X (Formerly Twitter) node
YouTube node
OpenAI node

Post New YouTube Videos to X

eye 1733
by mikerussell
1 month
Telegram node
OpenAI Chat Model node
OpenAI node


AI-Powered Children's Arabic Storytelling on Telegram

eye 238
by omar
2 months

Supported Actions

Create an Assistant
Create a new assistant
Delete an Assistant
Delete an assistant from the account
List Assistants
List assistants in the organization
Message an Assistant
Send messages to an assistant
Update an Assistant
Update an existing assistant
Message a Model
Create a completion with GPT 3, 4, etc.
Classify Text for Violations
Check whether content complies with usage policies
Analyze Image
Take in images and answer questions about them
Generate an Image
Creates an image from a text prompt
Generate Audio
Creates audio from a text prompt
Transcribe a Recording
Transcribes audio into the text
Translate a Recording
Translate audio into the text in the english language
Delete a File
Delete a file from the server
List Files
Returns a list of files that belong to the user's organization
Upload a File
Upload a file that can be used across various endpoints
OpenAI node

About OpenAI

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, offers a range of powerful models including GPT-3, DALL·E, and Whisper. Leverage these models to build AI-powered workflows.

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