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Integrate Mastodon with 500+ apps and services

Integrate Mastodon with any application or service using n8n's HTTP Request node and generic authentication methods. Configure the HTTP Request node to connect Mastodon to any API, database, webhook, and more.

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Supported methods for Mastodon

To set up Mastodon integration, add the HTTP Request node to your workflow canvas and authenticate it using a generic authentication method. The HTTP Request node makes custom API calls to Mastodon to query the data you need using the URLs you provide.

See the example here

Mastodon node
HTTP Request

About Mastodon

Mastodon is a decentralized and open-source social media platform that allows users to create accounts and interact with others through posts called "toots." It emphasizes privacy, data ownership, and freedom from algorithmic manipulation, offering an alternative to mainstream social networking sites.

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